Night rides

The prospect of riding home in the cold and dark doesn’t thrill me. But once I’m out there, I rather like it. My commute is nearly painless – 5 miles each way, mostly flat, mostly on a protected (well-maintained and -lit) path.

Riverside Park is beautiful at night. Its post lamps, designed in the early 1900s by Henry Bacon (who also created the Lincoln Memorial), cast a warm, golden light that softens the city’s contours and makes even grimy snow look good.


Of course, a gritty cityscape is never far away.


Isn’t my guy splendid?



About Unfolded NYC

I live in Manhattan with a husband, two cats and a Brompton M6L named Monty. Contact me: unfoldednyc at gmail dot com (you know what to do)
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2 Responses to Night rides

  1. Beautiful images, Ms. Unfolded, and somehow reminiscent of lamplit scenes of NYC in the late 19th century.

  2. Unfolded NYC says:

    Why, thank you, Mme. Diarist! Here’s hoping we can take Basil and Monty on a park jaunt soon.

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