Five Boro Weekend Highlights

The Brompton Diarist came for lunch on Saturday – drawn, she admitted, as much by the house’s felines as its people (and I’m totally fine with that!) – with a selection of marvelous cheeses, all new to me, all delicious.


After lunch we’d planned to join the Saturday ride at NYCeWheels, but with one thing and another we missed the group. No matter; we created our own adventure, riding up the East River bike path, where Basil and Monty paused for a photo.


Then across town and up the Hudson River path to Fairway. All told, about 16 miles, a nice prelude to Sunday’s 40 (well, 50+, counting the to and from).

Five Boro day could not have been lovelier: 70s, dry, sunny, calm wind. On the ride downtown, I spotted several Bromptons, likewise en route.

After I met the Diarist, we drank coffee and waited for the start.


Takeoff was a bit draggy – all those people and bikes! – but the crush soon thinned out. I lost the Diarist almost immediately. Must work on my riding-with-friends skills.

I was too busy enjoying the day to take many photos.

IMG_7190 IMG_7198 IMG_7193 IMG_7191

Memorable moments:

  • An older (mid-70s?) woman barreling along on an electric blue trike
  • A guy at a rest area looked at my semi-folded Brompton and said, “How…” I flipped out the back wheel and he went WOW. Never gets old.
  • Lots and lots of Bromptons
  • A course marshall on a red B told me that Brompton-spotting is his version of finding Hirschfeld’s Ninas.
  • Monty and I aced the dreaded Verrazano climb. In 3rd gear!
  • The Diarist waited for me at the finish, and handed me a delicious spanakopita.

Relaxing on the ferry ride back to Manhattan –


Conscientious rehydrating and refueling throughout the day made a difference, I think. I need to be more generous with sunscreen; my arms and face burned slightly. And it may be time to invest in a pair of cycling shoes. Although I love my brightly colored Merrells, they’re not comfortable enough for long rides.

Overall, my second Five Boro was terrific. The ride itself is not particularly challenging – except for the Verrazano climb, a breeze compared to last year – but it’s a unique way to see NYC and revel in the pleasure of doing so under your own power. Along with 31,999 other like-minded souls!







About Unfolded NYC

I live in Manhattan with a husband, two cats and a Brompton M6L named Monty. Contact me: unfoldednyc at gmail dot com (you know what to do)
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2 Responses to Five Boro Weekend Highlights

  1. What a great weekend, and what a lovely lunch with the perfect host(ess)! (And this is a wonderful write-up, too!)

    For summer, I’m loving my cycling Keens — they’re narrow, with a proper stiff sole, but they’re also sandals with toe protection. You have fantastic stamina; I wouldn’t make it more then ten miles without a good stiff cycling sole!

  2. Unfolded NYC says:

    That Jasper Hill cheese was just added to the cart at our restaurant. You’re such a trend-setter!

    I need to try a long ride in my Keen-like Merrells. The challenge with shoes is they don’t reveal their true nature until broken in.

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