Around Manhattan

In preparation for the Tour de Staten Island, Monty and I set out to circumnavigate our island via the Greenway. We didn’t, quite, but an exceptionally windy day (why are they always head- rather than tailwinds?) gave us a good 20+ mile workout.

To balance all that legwork, first I biked to Tribeca and took a Bar Method class. It hurt. The instructor laughed at my pain-face.

On the way to the bike path entrance at Chambers St., I stopped at the Tribeca farmers’ market and bought a chocolate cherry roll from Hot Bread Kitchen. (Not the last carb/fat/sugar bomb of the day. Stay tuned.)


Despite the gusts, spinning along the waterfront Greenway was lovely.


We paused under the Brooklyn Bridge.


The path got hard to follow after this – I’m so spoiled by its West Side cousin! – but soon I was at East River Park, a charming place. Aren’t these seal sculptures fun?


The park’s Fireboat House, a historic structure that now houses the Lower East Side Ecology Center, has a green roof.


Even more important, it has a reasonably clean public bathroom, with stalls large enough to accommodate a partly folded Brompton.


I enjoyed riding up the East River. The path got lost to construction around 34th St. so I moved west to 1st Ave. for a while.


Back to the Greenway, around 82nd St.


We sailed along until the path was cut off at 116th.


I had to backtrack and take a pedestrian bridge, thoughtfully equipped with ramps rather than steps, across the FDR Drive.


I considered heading north and picking up the Greenway again, but decided to call it a ride and go home. Monty and I will make it all around next time.

I’m so pleased that my hands, which gave me such trouble last season, feel fine. With a lot of practice, my handlebar grip is now relaxed, even in high wind and on scraggly road. I’ve also learned that Monty and I can take ruts, potholes and other urban scree in stride, without falling.

Such an improvement in skill and confidence should be celebrated, no? Mr. Unfolded, bless his wicked heart, brought home a box of doughnuts from Dough. Both chocolates are mine; he knows me.



About Unfolded NYC

I live in Manhattan with a husband, two cats and a Brompton M6L named Monty. Contact me: unfoldednyc at gmail dot com (you know what to do)
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2 Responses to Around Manhattan

  1. I love these vicarious tours of the world you and Monty share! So glad to learn that your hands are not the issue they were, and that you’re finally experiencing more temperate weather, even if it’s windy.

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