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Monty and I were riding along when his wheels suddenly locked. There wasn’t much traffic, fortunately, and I carried my stricken boy to the sidewalk for a look. A twig had wrapped itself completely – and very tightly – around the rear … Continue reading

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Around Manhattan

In preparation for the Tour de Staten Island, Monty and I set out to circumnavigate our island via the Greenway. We didn’t, quite, but an exceptionally windy day (why are they always head- rather than tailwinds?) gave us a good 20+ … Continue reading

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Trust the Force

I took Monty to NYCeWheels  for his 6-month/1,000+ mile checkup. Izzy, the shop’s excellent mechanic, pronounced my boy healthy, fit and ready for spring. As I headed back across town, I realized Izzy had returned the handlebars to their factory setting, … Continue reading

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How to bathe your Brompton

Pop him in the shower!  Much more convenient than lugging out the garden hose. There’s a lot of salt on the roads; I wanted to wash off any stray bits before they harmed Monty’s lovely complexion. ≈

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