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Monty and I were riding along when his wheels suddenly locked. There wasn’t much traffic, fortunately, and I carried my stricken boy to the sidewalk for a look. A twig had wrapped itself completely – and very tightly – around the rear … Continue reading

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Après moi, le déluge

The phrase popped into my head during this morning’s rain-soaked ride. (Yes, I realize that would be durant rather than après, and I am hardly a doomed French king. Take it up with my subconscious.) I don’t mind, as long as I’m dressed for wet … Continue reading

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Everyone needs a fashion signature.

My first adult bike helmet (maybe my first ever – I don’t recall wearing one as a kid) was gray. So was my second. The third would have been too, but the shop only had the Giro Feature in red, and … Continue reading

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Trust the Force

I took Monty to NYCeWheels  for his 6-month/1,000+ mile checkup. Izzy, the shop’s excellent mechanic, pronounced my boy healthy, fit and ready for spring. As I headed back across town, I realized Izzy had returned the handlebars to their factory setting, … Continue reading

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Late summer in the city

What a day for cycling! Temperate, light breeze, sunshine, the barest hint of fall in the light and the air. Traffic was nearly nil on Lafayette St. At the Union Square Greenmarket, one of my favorite farmers was selling ice pops … Continue reading

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Rider in the Rain

Monty and I had our first experience in drizzle today, and all went well. Cycling in warm summer rain makes me happy. I got to try out the Origin 8 light bars, which are easy to operate and very bright. … Continue reading

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The future’s so bright, I gotta wear [polarized, photochromic] shades

I am married to the Consumer King, Upscale Division. He would be happy to advise you on any important purchase, and will likely upsell you and make you glad that he did. (If the man worked on commission, we could … Continue reading

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