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Girl Power

This mountain hill slope and I, we have issues. It’s steepish, bumpy and often crowded. I’m no longer nervous about riding down it, but climbing all the way up seemed an unattainable goal, until recently. My first Brompton, an M3L, could get me … Continue reading

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The Facts of Life on a Brompton

The first week with Monty has been terrific, but I feel like a kid who just learned where babies come from and is still a little hazy on the specifics. This is my first bike with more than three gears, and I have only the sketchiest grasp … Continue reading

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Rider in the Rain

Monty and I had our first experience in drizzle today, and all went well. Cycling in warm summer rain makes me happy. I got to try out the Origin 8 light bars, which are easy to operate and very bright. … Continue reading

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Introducing Monty

The pain of Maggie’s loss is abating, helped along by the new man in my life. Say hello to Monty, a dashing M6L. Here he is from the right – And from the left – The guy doesn’t have a … Continue reading

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Loss, remorse and (expensive) redemption

One moment Maggie was there. And then she wasn’t. How I could be so shockingly, senselessly stupid? Can I blame endorphins? Early Saturday morning, I rode downtown and took an exercise class. Then I headed over to Lafayette Street, which … Continue reading

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Low-tech. Life-changing.

I usually cycle in street clothes, often in a skirt or dress. (“Can I ride in this?” has become a major criterion when I shop for new duds.) Depending on wind speed and direction, this entails some risk of exposing more … Continue reading

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We interrupt this program…

…to share a tale that’s not about cycling. The threat of torrential rain kept Maggie home yesterday and I took the subway to work. At around 34th St., a young woman in yellow rain boots and a newsboy cap called for everyone’s attention. … Continue reading

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Harbingers of spring

The Metrocard goes from 30-day unlimited to add value. And Maggie gets a bath.

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Why I love my commute!

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Transylvania on the Hudson

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