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I live in Manhattan with a husband, two cats and a Brompton M6L named Monty. Contact me: unfoldednyc at gmail dot com (you know what to do)

No guts, no glory

The universe tested my new resolve to bike through winter by dumping 8″ of snow on Manhattan. (Far less than the historic blizzard predicted, still a mess.)  The city was shut down on Monday, and other factors kept me home yesterday … Continue reading

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How to bathe your Brompton

Pop him in the shower!  Much more convenient than lugging out the garden hose. There’s a lot of salt on the roads; I wanted to wash off any stray bits before they harmed Monty’s lovely complexion. ≈

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Don’t think. Just ride.

I had an epiphany on the subway home last night, as I endured yet another dig in the ribs* and backpack in the face. If I’m going to be miserable in winter, I might as well be getting some exercise … Continue reading

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Grey. Winter. Blech.

Poor Monty. I’ve ridden him only once in the past week! When the temperature dips below 32ºF, I just can’t face the wind off the Hudson River. (“Face” being the key word – balaclavas make me claustrophobic.) So it was … Continue reading


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Beauty in the Bronx

Waaaay back in October, Monty and I had a wonderful time at the 20th annual Tour de Bronx, billed as the largest free cycling event in the state. Although I’ve lived in NYC for decades, I can count the number … Continue reading

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We don’t melt.

That’s my stock reply when anyone says, “You’re riding in this?”  Monty and I are not water-soluble. We do, however, get utterly, thoroughly, you-can’t-get-any-wetter soaked. (Jeans may not have been the best choice today. Why is wet denim so…icky?) We paused at … Continue reading

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Love the one you’re with

I’m with my folks at their place in Carbondale, Colorado. Monty is in Manhattan. Fortunately, my sister keeps a bike here. So we took a spin along the Roaring Fork river. The swans have been known to attack people passing … Continue reading

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Pink Flamingos and a Chocolate Fountain

That’s how we roll in Springsteen territory, baby. Both were on display at the last rest area before the finish of the Twin Lights ride, a tour of scenic New Jersey. Kudos to Bike New York and a team of hard-working … Continue reading

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Scenes from a bike commute

Observed on the Hudson River Bike Path – Woman wearing a bra as a top. (No sign of Jerry or Elaine.) Man with a toddler in the child seat. He has a helmet; kid does not. “Look ma, no hands!” guy … Continue reading

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The Ride of the (Half) Century

I did my first NYC Century on Sunday! It was a perfect day for a longish ride and a fine opportunity for Monty and me to flex  our muscles. I’m happy to report that we both did great. The 55 mile option seemed … Continue reading

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