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About Unfolded NYC

I live in Manhattan with a husband, two cats and a Brompton M6L named Monty. Contact me: unfoldednyc at gmail dot com (you know what to do)

Around Manhattan

In preparation for the Tour de Staten Island, Monty and I set out to circumnavigate our island via the Greenway. We didn’t, quite, but an exceptionally windy day (why are they always head- rather than tailwinds?) gave us a good 20+ … Continue reading

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Everyone needs a fashion signature.

My first adult bike helmet (maybe my first ever – I don’t recall wearing one as a kid) was gray. So was my second. The third would have been too, but the shop only had the Giro Feature in red, and … Continue reading

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My first Strava

I logged my commute this morning! The free Strava app is a snap to use: just hit ‘record’ when you start, ‘stop’ when you end. It captures details – distance, elevation, time and speed – on each ride segment. There … Continue reading

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Windy. City.

I actually do get off the bike path! Last night I rode to midtown – against gusts that tried to move me sideways instead of forward – to watch our chef and his team teach a cooking class. They killed it. I didn’t get … Continue reading

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It’s still a bit soon to pack away my winter woolies, but the snow in this week-old pic is history. And the Hudson is no longer covered with ice. Woohooooo! Monty and I are back to our regular daily commute, enjoying … Continue reading

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The last ride of winter

Yesterday was frigid but sunny enough to clear some of the white stuff from the streets. I rescued Monty from under my desk and we rode home from work. There was still some light in the sky at 6:30 pm. … Continue reading

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Trust the Force

I took Monty to NYCeWheels  for his 6-month/1,000+ mile checkup. Izzy, the shop’s excellent mechanic, pronounced my boy healthy, fit and ready for spring. As I headed back across town, I realized Izzy had returned the handlebars to their factory setting, … Continue reading

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