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Siberia on the Hudson

When it’s here’s what happens to the river no matter how far south you ride. And here’s what happens when you breathe into your face mask.

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Golden sun, gray slush

Last night’s ride home was uneventful. The bike path exit I usually take was unplowed, so I walked Monty over the snow, and by the time we got home he needed another bath. This time I extended the back wheel … Continue reading

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No guts, no glory

The universe tested my new resolve to bike through winter by dumping 8″ of snow on Manhattan. (Far less than the historic blizzard predicted, still a mess.)  The city was shut down on Monday, and other factors kept me home yesterday … Continue reading

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How to bathe your Brompton

Pop him in the shower!  Much more convenient than lugging out the garden hose. There’s a lot of salt on the roads; I wanted to wash off any stray bits before they harmed Monty’s lovely complexion. ≈

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Don’t think. Just ride.

I had an epiphany on the subway home last night, as I endured yet another dig in the ribs* and backpack in the face. If I’m going to be miserable in winter, I might as well be getting some exercise … Continue reading

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We don’t melt.

That’s my stock reply when anyone says, “You’re riding in this?”  Monty and I are not water-soluble. We do, however, get utterly, thoroughly, you-can’t-get-any-wetter soaked. (Jeans may not have been the best choice today. Why is wet denim so…icky?) We paused at … Continue reading

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Rider in the Rain

Monty and I had our first experience in drizzle today, and all went well. Cycling in warm summer rain makes me happy. I got to try out the Origin 8 light bars, which are easy to operate and very bright. … Continue reading

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